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About Digital Settlement Group

DSG is the industry's premier one stop digital solution from Class Representative Procurement through Administration of Settlement Funds. The DSG team is built and backed by the brightest Technology, Legal, Marketing, Ecommerce and Digital Media Buying leaders. Our robust background in E Commerce and consumer marketing services for some of the world's top brands gives DSG unparalleled insight into the latest technology solutions to save money on both sides of the settlement while our media experience in direct marketing translates into a more effective use of funds to ensure you are actually reaching class members directly and measurably not a potential arbitrary %.

DSG has offices in West Palm Beach, FL and Merrillville, IN (Chicagoland Area). Give us 20 minutes on the phone and you will see why you should utilize the same IT/Administration professionals who have transacted well over 1 Billion dollars in E Commerce sales and utilize the teams that run some of the biggest digital marketing campaigns worldwide. We are fair, we save you time and money, we serve the class, we have created the new Administration paradigm.

Areas of Expertise

Class Representative Procurement

Using DSG's proprietary digital systems, we can help your firm find potential lead whistleblower clients to assist in the viability, filing and success of your class action mass tort litigation.

Sample Targeted Digital Settlement Group Noticing Plans

Taromina, v. Gaspari Nutrition, U.S. Dist. Ct., Central Dist., No. CV12-05424

Arreguin v. Telebrands, San Bernadino Superior Court, No. CIVRS1307798

Hojiwala, et al. v. Idea Village Products Corp., et al., Superior Court for the State of California, County of Orange, Case No. 30-2008-00060295

Recent CAFA, Administration and Noticing Cases:

Pamela Miller, et al. v. Basic Research, LLC, et al., Case No. CV 2:07-cv-00871

Katrina Garcia, et al. vs. Kashi Company, Case No. 12-21678-CIV-LENARD/ GOODMAN

Court Statements on Digital Settlement Group

In approving In Re: Wellnx Marketing & Sales Practices (a national, 18 state multi district class action litigation), the Court noted:
"The effort to provide notice to the class went well beyond what due process would require at its minimum. In fact, it was both an intelligent and effusive, if I can use that word, notification process, which has given me new some ideas for similar cases in the future for the proper way of giving notice in a case like this where it is hard to otherwise ascertain the identity of the class members."

In approving the Wike v. HCG Platinum, et al settlement, Judge Jayne L. Johnson wrote,
"The Court finds that the Notice Plan set forth in Article IV of the Settlement Agreement and effectuated pursuant to the Preliminary Approval Order constitutes the best notice practicable under the circumstances and shall constitute sue and sufficient notice to the Settlement Class of the pendency of the Action, certification of the Settlement Class for settlement purposes only, the terms of the Settlement Agreement, and the Final Approval Hearing, and satisfies the requirements of California law and federal due process law."

Current Full Administration Including CAFA and Noticing.

Pamela Miller, et al. v. Basic Research, LLC, et al., Case No. CV 2:07-cv-00871

Garcia, et al. v. Kashi Company, Case No. 12-21678-CIV-LENARD/GOODMAN